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AdWords Customer Match

The best possible way to make sure an AdWords campaign is effective, is by providing possible customers with relevant, quality ads at the right time. So adapting a target audience, delivery methods and timing will optimise an AdWords campaign and bring in more customers.

It is also very important to focus on the customers a user already has. So being able to target these customers for any new promotions, or ensuring the ad appears when the customer searches for a product or service the user provides, will increase conversions and brand loyalty.

So Google has just released a new product feature which will allow users to:

  • Target a specific audience
  • Bid on placement for that customer (when they search for a relevant product or service)
  • Create and send tailored ads their way

AdWords Customer Match helps users to target their loyal customers and reach them when they need (and search for) the users services, giving you a competitive advantage when that particular customer searches for the users product or services.


By uploading a list of email addresses your customers have given, the user can create specific ads targeted at each audience segment whether they are:

  • Searching on Google
  • Looking at Gmail Promotions
  • Watching YouTube (Trueview)

(All emails of customers will be fully anonymised)

Click here to find out how to create a customer email list.

Customers can also decide on what ads and promotions are delivered to them, by adding interests to their Google accounts they can select which ads they see.

Google also bases this on what the customer has been previously searching for, websites they have actually visited from the search and any videos they have been watching on YouTube.

Allowing users to get to their loyal customers when the customer searches.

AdWords Customer Match also has the added feature of finding new customers by generating Similar Audiences. Users can utilise this feature to reach new customers on YouTube and Gmail which are likely to be interested in your products or services. For instance you can use advertising on YouTube or Gmail to generate more brand awareness to specific customers who have either stated they are interested in or been looking for your products or services.

Google has created AdWords Customer Match to ensure the user can help their customers when the customer needs, and to increase brand awareness and loyalty.

To learn more about them, visit their Help Centre.


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Thomas Coppen

AdWords Callout Extensions

Some good long tail keywords, a relevant landing page, and a decent max. CPC – if only getting the number one spot was that easy. Your quality score is influenced by a number of factors, and some are easier to sway than others.

Just a couple of spots along from Keywords on your Campaign page is the Ad extensions tab, a key feature in improving your all-important Ad Score. You have a variety of extensions to choose from (and if you haven’t set up a phone number, get on it), but there is one in particular that can give your ad a welcome boost: AdWords Callout Extensions.

Like a loud-hailer for your USPs, AdWords Callout Extensions offer a punchy way to show-off why your ad should get that golden click. These are an ideal spot to show how you beat the competition. Offer free shipping? Perfect. 24-7 Customer Support? Use it

What you need to know about AdWords Callout Extensions:

  • Despite a 25 character limit for each Callout, Google recommends using 12-15, so keep them snappy.
  • They only apply to “Search Network Only” and “Search Network and Display Select” campaigns.
  • Don’t repeat text from Account, Campaign or Ad Group level in your Callouts. Got “Free Shipping” as an Ad Group? It might have more impact as an Adwords Callout Extension.
  • Use a minimum of 2 per account (any less and they won’t appear), but at least 3 is better.
  • Make the most of the date and time ranges – Christmas offers, weekend deals or next day delivery before 3pm can all be specifically set to appear at the appropriate times.
  • Don’t use gimmicky symbols (like “♡”), your ad just won’t be approved.
  • Google analysts suggest that sentence case gets better performance title case i.e. “100% silk” rather than “100% Silk”.
  • There’s no cost to put them on your account – You only get charged as usual per click on your ad.

What you stand to gain from AdWords Callout Extensions:

  • Extra free ad space – Never anything to be sniffed at.
  • An improved Ad Score – Google assesses the expected impact your Callout will have on the customer and takes it into account with your score, a sure fire way to lower your CPC. This can be the difference between you and your main competitor taking that top spot.
  • Stand out from the competition – Your USPs are there for all to see.
  • Flexibility – Callouts are editable at any time, ready for that new offer as soon as it’s ready to roll out without having to edit the entire ad.
  • Mobile Optimisation – Enable or disable certain Callouts as needed for mobile users.
  • More reporting data – You can know how many clicks you received both with and without your Callouts – Yet more valuable data to optimise your campaign.

So what are you waiting for? Fire up your AdWords account now and get those Callouts working in your favour. Let us know in the comments what AdWords Callout Extensions have worked best for you!