PPC Newcomers 7 Useful Tips

PPC Newcomers 7 Useful Tips
23 December 2015 ponderosa-admin

Here Are 7 Useful Tips That All PPC Newcomers Should Consider Before Starting Their Google Adwords Journey.


(1) Conversion Goals

Before setting up a PPC campaign, all PPC newcomers will need to have their conversion goals clearly established in their mind.

This is whether you want visitors completing lead capture forms, subscribing to a newsletter or completing an online purchase.

Having these goals embedded in your mind from the start will allow you to create specific ad copies & select relevant keywords for your ad campaign.


(2) Detailed Keyword Research

This can be (very) time consuming, however it is a crucial part of building a successful PPC campaign.

Depending on your conversion goals, you should always be looking to target conversion keywords and actively trying to avoid generic keywords.


(3) Quality Score

This is often overlooked but is essential for a PPC newcomer.

The Quality Score of an ad is determined by the following factors:

  • Expected click-through rate (CTR)
  • Ad relevance
  • Landing page experience

A good Quality Score is a score greater than 6/10.

The great thing about Quality Score is that if an ad has the largest bid to show for that keyword, does not necessarily mean it is going to be in better position on the search page because it may have a very poor Quality Score.

If you are still unsure about how Quality Score is measured or would like to know how to find each score, just click Here


(4) PPC Budget

Start your focus on cost per acquisition (CPA) when thinking of a PPC budget.

Ideally past data would be available to determine how many conversions and what your CPA was in the previous months.

If you have a CPA greater than your return on investment (ROI) then bids will need to be adjusted.

For Example;

If you are selling a Chair that nets your business a £20 profit and you anticipate converting 1 out of every 10 visitors, then even at a £1 cost per click it will still result in a 100% ROI.  


(5) A Gripping Ad Copy

Hope you PPC Newcomers have a creative side because it’s ad writing time!

When writing a compelling ad copy you should remember that you are competing with other businesses, so grabbing the consumer’s attention is paramount.

Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) should always be included within your ad copy!

Moreover, the keyword that they had searched for should always appear in the headline of the ad copy to ensure a good Quality score because it improves ad relevance.

For Example,

Someone searches for ‘Fall Boot Sale’ and the ad that appears has the keyword in the headline and also it promotes it’s USP ‘Boots 25% Off’ in the description.

Also it could be said that ‘Free Shipping’ is another USP.


(6) Landing Pages

The landing page is the page the visitor is directed to once they have clicked on your ad.

So when a search is made for a particular item or brand the URL that is linked to the ad copy, when clicked, should lead them directly to what they were interested in and will (more than likely) result in a conversion.

Visitors should never be directed to an unrelated page or just the generic homepage because this rarely results in a conversion and greatly affects Quality Score.

Very Important for PPC Newcomers, especially when you’ve done all the hard work to get them to click on your ad and then you direct them to the wrong place.


(7) Test & Optimize

Last, but by no means least, test and optimise your ad campaigns.

PPC advertising (unfortunately) requires constant testing and adjusting to produce the best results possible, whilst saving you a large amount of budget which is usually lost due to erroneous traffic.

One way to stop this unwanted traffic is to include negative keywords.

Making daily adjustments will ensure the best results, so make sure you keep on top of your campaigns otherwise all the leads you worked hard for will start to drop off or you could waste a considerable amount of money.

Hope this helps to turn all you PPC Newcomers into PPC Pros!