AdWords Management – Easier Reporting

AdWords Management – Easier Reporting
23 April 2015 ponderosa-admin

AdWords management has just got easier.

Google is currently making some key improvements to the AdWords interface to help with AdWords management.

Google are adding three new features to help advertisers report on multiple types of

campaigns. Users will be able to find the data which matters to them the

most more easily.

The three new reporting features will help AdWords users to:

  • See one specific type of campaign at a given time
  • Create custom column sets which link directly to their advertising goals
  • View the most relevant columns more quickly
  • Filter by campaign type


Campaign type selector

Viewing the data and reporting on different types of campaigns can be time-

consuming and rather difficult at times. Over the next few weeks, Google will be

introducing helpful techniques which will enable users to use the AdWords interface

with more speed and ease.

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Usually, if users wish to report on different advertising goals, they need to switch

from campaign to campaign and continuously adjust their columns. This can be

tedious and AdWords management can therefore take a lot of time.

Users are now able to use the campaign type selector to quickly switch to campaigns of a certain type. Users can pick from Search campaigns, Display campaigns and Shopping campaigns.

An easy-to-use and easy-to-find drop-down menu is located by the list of campaigns on the left-hand side of the


Saved column sets in different types of campaigns 

The columns which users wish to use to view particular types of data are now saved

within different campaign types.

For example, a user may want to select the Clicks and Avg. CPC columns in a Search

campaign. When looking at a Display campaign, the user may wish to select the

Impressions and Avg. CPM columns. When the user selects the columns in the Search

campaign and then looks at a Display campaign, the columns will be different. They

will be different because the sets of columns are saved specifically to each campaign


This allows for easier AdWords management as users don’t need to change the columns whenever

they switch to viewing campaigns of a different type.

Pre-defined column sets for different advertising goals

Google have also come up with the genius idea of creating pre-defined column sets.

The sets are tailored to the advertising goals of branding and conversions. Users can

easily select these options which automatically alter the columns which are displayed

in each campaign. There is also the option to create custom column sets which users

can use depending on what they want to view.

Different sets can be used for different campaigns of the same type. For example, a

user may use the Branding set for one Display campaign and a Conversions set for

another Display campaign.

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Via Adwords Blogspot

Google have created these helpful time-saving and stress-reducing features for AdWords management. To learn

more about them, visit their Help Centre.

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