AdWords Account Access and Analytics Access

AdWords Account Access and Analytics Access
29 April 2016 ponderosa-admin

If you decide to employ an outside agency such as Keel Over to manage your PPC campaigns you will need to allow Analytics and AdWords account access in order for your PPC campaigns to be efficiently managed. Here is a step by step guide on how to do that.

Analytics Access

It’s possible to add as many users as you wish to your Analytics account. Firstly;

Step 1.

Sign into your Analytics account.

Step 2.

Select Admin and navigate to the desired account. In the ACCOUNT column click User Management

Step 3.

Under Add Permissions for, enter the user’s email address, for example for Keel Over you would add:

Step 4.

Select the permissions you want. In order to effectively manage the account an agency such as Keel Over would usually request all permissions (Manage users, Edit, Collaborate and Read and Analyse).

Step 5.

Select Notify this user by email to send a notification to the user

Step 6.

Click Add


AdWords Access

Usually if you wish to allow another user access to your AdWords account you would invite them to link through your account settings. However, when allowing an agency such as Keel Over access, the process is slightly different. Agencies or individuals who manage multiple accounts have an AdWords Manager Account, this allows them to view and manage their client’s accounts through their own Google Login without needing each individual’s account login details.

Step 1.

AdWords account access

In order to grant management access we first require your Customer I.D. (Account Number), this is the 10 digit number located in the top right of pages in your AdWords account. We will then send a request for access and you will receive an email and a notification of this request in your AdWords account.

Step 2.

Google AdWords account access

Select Account Access.

Step 3

Adwords account access

Select Account Access from the menu on the left-hand side of the page.

Step 4

Accept request image for adwords account access

Underneath the Client Managers heading in the centre of the page you will see a list of your current client manager’s as well as any pending invitations. To accept the invitation click the Accept request button which is next to the client managers name.

You have now given Google Analytics and AdWords account access, meaning the manager can access them through their own Google email and password.