Thomas Coppen

2018 Highlights – Keel Over Marketing

2018 was without a doubt the best year in Keel Over Marketing’s history we recorded record growth currently sitting at 70.8% against 2017. When viewed against the industry growth rate of 4.8% it’s understandable that we were extremely pleased with these figures. However, it is not just growth we have been recording, we have entered and been nominated for a host of awards!

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Thomas Coppen

Where to Place Questions and Answers for Good SEO Visibility

As we’ve discussed previously, search is changing. People are using more words to search while many are conducting searches orally. Potential customers are using Siri, Google Assistant and Alexa (from Amazon) to ask questions, while a written search query has expanded to six words from the usual three.

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Thomas Coppen

What You Can Learn From the Competition

What can you learn from the competition? There are two types of business owner. Those that understand the value of keeping an eye on the competition, and those that avoid the competition at all costs. The latter mistakenly believe the competition can’t teach them much. These then continue with business endeavours without ever gaining insights that can be an incredible boost to business.

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Thomas Coppen

Google Launches Products to Rival Apple

Google and Facebook are so huge that it’s easy to forget they are businesses too and as such are always looking for ways to expand and improve.

They’re such a part of our lives, that we take them for granted but recent changes and advancements show that they are making adjustments for the future. Should we take these hints as signs that the internet is about to change? Or are Google and Facebook just so ambitious that they want to take over the world?

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Thomas Coppen

Does Mobile Design Impact PPC Campaigns?

Many businesses understand the importance of mobile design and choose a reactive site when setting up a website for the first time. Unfortunately this is where the design ends, some believe this is enough to provide a good mobile experience to the customer. It’s not.

A mobile responsive site is a great option when designing a website but remember, this is a computer shrinking the pages and not a real person. The way the site is condensed can drastically affect the user experience and when the majority of people now buy through a mobile device, it can mean curtains for a business.

For example.

There’s an ecommerce website that is an absolute pleasure to use on a PC. When condensed it looks fine until you try to use it. Those tiny pop ups now obliterate the screen making it impossible to click on the product and the images are squashed so much that only the really dedicated would buy based on the picture.

The checkout process puts most people off as it opens a new window for PayPal which then leaves the customer open to distraction while making it impossible to navigate back to the page. The drop down menu never goes away and browsing becomes a real test of patience, while the terms and conditions dominate the page instead of the saleable products.

This all sounds like a nightmare but these mobile sites are actually live with some of the biggest brands. Millions of pounds are being lost simply because of annoying pop ups or over zealous menu items.

What’s the Solution to Poor Mobile Design?

The solution is actually easier than you may imagine. You could, of course, invest in an APP for the business which would make navigation a dream for the customer. This is expensive though and also poses the problem of enticing the visitors to download the APP. Do you choose Apple or Android or both? Do you have the budget to market the new APP?

In fact, the solution is a lot simpler and cheaper than that. Create a team of testers and listen to feedback. That’s all it takes. Ask users how they navigated through your mobile site and tackle the problems as the results come in.

You can also talk to your PPC company and ask how people are interacting with your site. Are they abandoning checkout more on mobile compared to PC visits? Your AdWords agency has the answers.