The Benefits of Building Your FAQ Section

The Benefits of Building Your FAQ Section
2 March 2017 ponderosa-admin
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We’ve talked a lot about Google Assistant and Amazon Echo (Alexa) as these are now rising in popularity, giving everyone their own personal virtual assistant. How does the rise of these gadgets impact SEO? The answer is simple. People are now asking questions of search engines rather than entering two or three keywords.

This means you have an opportunity to be presented whenever a person asks Siri, Google Assistant or Alexa a question. That’s why it’s even more important that you fill out your FAQ section.

Taking the FAQs to a New Level

FAQ sections used to be full of bespoke questions that were only relevant to that specific website. Such as, “What is your return policy?” “How long will delivery take?” Now, companies are realising that if they can answer more general, universal questions, they can dominate the search engines. These don’t have to be on the FAQ page.

Every page you have is an opportunity to provide more information, for example, your product pages. Studies show that the more information you give on a product, the more likely a customer is to buy, and this can work hand in hand with the FAQ trend.

What Questions Should You be Answering?

The questions you should be answering depend on your industry. You can use your product and service pages to answer questions, or, if you’re worried about text affecting design, you can choose tabbed content, or answer queries in blogs. Let’s look at a couple of industries and the questions you may be able to answer for the wider population.

If you are a fashion brand, you can answer wide reaching questions such as:

  • What is the conversion from US sizes to UK sizes?
  • Where can I buy Italian leather shoes?
  • What Colours are in Season Right Now?

If you are a food retailer you could answer questions such as:

  • Where to find minerals in food?
  • What foods are best for migraines?
  • How many calories does an avocado have?

It’s all about providing good, reputable, information while carving your brand an authoritative name in the industry. This will not only help your website rankings it will also help to build consumer loyalty.

Will Questions and Answers Lead to Conversions?

Of course, people visiting your website for the answer to a general question will not always be tempted to buy. Your conversions and sales may improve but that’s not the point of this exercise. The point is, the more you’re valued as a reputable source of information as a website, the higher you’ll climb up the organic search engines.


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