Benefits of Bing Ads for PPC

Benefits of Bing Ads for PPC
21 January 2016 ponderosa-admin

When most people think of an online search, they think of Google. It’s even become a verb and a pastime, with people googling themselves when they have nothing better to do. But in Online Marketing, there’s a good chance you’re overlooking a valuable source of revenue – Bing. The benefits of Bing Ads are growing and growing.

Year on year, Google’s share of the search market decreases, now dipping under 90% of the UK market share. This leaves 10% of the market that you could be missing out on, and with Bing’s recent partnerships with Yahoo and AOL, you can now market to all three within one search platform. In the US, Bing has almost 20% of the market, and the UK is fast approaching this level.

Who uses Bing Ads?

Bing is the default browser for all new Microsoft products, and all Apple Safari browsers on Mac, iPad and iPhone, which are set to use Yahoo. This means that if someone doesn’t switch to using Google themselves, they’ll be using Bing.

The Bing audience is generally over 35, and often have more money to spend. This results in higher cart values for eCommerce sites, and can result in much better returns from the amount you spend on your ads.

Benefits of Bing Ads

First of all, it’s the cost. As Google is so much more competitive in terms of users, this is reflected in higher click costs and therefore conversion costs. With Bing, rather than competing against 6-10 different companies, you might only be fighting against 2 or 3, giving you a lower cost per click and cost per conversion, and a higher chance that a user will click on your ad. Data shows that Bing cost per clicks are on average 33.5% cheaper than Google.

Another one of the benefits of Bing Ads is that it displays up to 4 ads at the top of the search results, as opposed to Google’s 3, meaning that you have a much better chance of showing in the valuable top spots. These positions have a much better chance of being clicked on, with many users only looking at these and not scrolling down any further.

Bing has recently added Bing Shopping to its service, and you can now market your products with the benefit of lower cost per conversions. Additionally, if you already have an AdWords campaign, it’s quick and easy to import your Google AdWords campaigns into Bing.

Finally, Yahoo is the biggest search engine in China, which has banned Google. If you want to market to China, Bing is your best bet in terms of selling your products and services, and can allow you to break into a market that you previously thought was closed.

Using Bing is a fantastic way to broaden your marketing strategy while keeping your costs down. Use it alongside your Google AdWords campaigns, and you’ll see that you can expand your reach and get ahead of your competition who haven’t yet cottoned on to using this fast growing platform.

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