Are Bing Ads Worth the Investment?

Are Bing Ads Worth the Investment?
11 October 2016 ponderosa-admin
Money in a pot

When new clients come to us, they immediately ask about Google advertising. For many, the thought of PPC on Bing Ads or Yahoo! Is obsolete. Google is the search engine daddy and so Google should take the entire budget, but it’s not always the case. Here’s why.

A Small Market Share is Still a Share

Obviously, Google is the most popular search engine but even if one per cent of the UK customers used Bing Ads (the statistic is actually a lot higher), you’d still be marketing to a million people. That’s not a figure to be sniffed at.

Bing and Microsoft are Best Friends

Many people use Microsoft and update their windows regularly. The updates will add a Bing toolbar for convenience along with Bing search for the user. This means. All Microsoft users start off with Bing. Of course, some change to Google, but there are many that keep the original search engine

Default Browsers Use Bing

It’s not just Microsoft who has Bing as a default; many other platforms use Bing too. In fact, it’s actually quite popular with the younger generation and the toolbar is downloaded with a lot of add-ons popular with tweens such as Minecraft skins and music streaming.

Bing Ads Have Less Competition

There’s a lot less competition on Bing, which means the cost per click is lower. You may argue that there are less people to advertise to but that doesn’t really matter if you’re paying for cost per conversion.

Lower Costs Per Conversion

The cost per click through is also lower which could be due to a better placement of ads, or the decrease in competition as mentioned above. Whatever the reason, your costs will be lower too but you’ll still enjoy the same profit. That’s not to be sniffed at.

Bing Ads Are A Good Return on Investment

In summary Bing ads are actually a great return on investment. The cost per click is, on average, 42% lower than Google and this also makes the investment very low risk. If you think you could benefit from Bing ads, talk to us. If you’d like to know more or to see how Bing ads can work for your business please don’t hesitate to get in touch and ask us questions. We’re always here to help.