Annabel Parker

Maximising ROI For Social Media

Finding the balance between maximising conversions and limiting cost per conversion is tricky. Limiting your spend will lose conversions and maximising conversions might end up going over budget. To find the balance, look at the areas that need improvement. Usually on Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms, these areas include; undefined goals, limited distribution, incomplete tracking and optimisation. These are small issues that can be rectified easily, making small improvements can increase the likelihood of a successful campaign.

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Thomas Coppen

2018 Highlights – Keel Over Marketing

2018 was without a doubt the best year in Keel Over Marketing’s history we recorded record growth currently sitting at 70.8% against 2017. When viewed against the industry growth rate of 4.8% it’s understandable that we were extremely pleased with these figures. However, it is not just growth we have been recording, we have entered and been nominated for a host of awards!

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Teri Pullin

Grow Your Business & Your Sales With Instagram Shopping

Discover – Shop – Buy!

It is safe to say that the internet has completely changed the way that we shop and interact businesses. Even the users who don’t shop online frequently will search online for products, prices and availability before leaving the house to head to the shops. We now have access to a world of products and services at our fingertips that is allowing us to complete purchases within a matter of clicks. The world has come a long way since 1995 when Amazon first launched as an online book seller and eBay who created a platform that introduced the auction system into our current retailing.

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Jenny Bacon

Why You Should Be Using a Google Premier Partner Agency

When choosing an agency to work with, it is important to feel comfortable with their level of expertise and know that you are in safe hands. Google Premier Partner Agencies are agencies that Google deems to have the highest quality of work. Their work will be reviewed and analysed by Google in great detail in order to gain the Google Premier Partner status. Many Google Ads accredited companies and online marketing professionals will have Google Partner status, however only a handful of agencies will be awarded this higher status, leaving your account in professional and experienced hands.

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Thomas Coppen

Where to Place Questions and Answers for Good SEO Visibility

As we’ve discussed previously, search is changing. People are using more words to search while many are conducting searches orally. Potential customers are using Siri, Google Assistant and Alexa (from Amazon) to ask questions, while a written search query has expanded to six words from the usual three.

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Martina Mercer

What Are Meta Descriptions and How Should You Write Them?

There has been a lot of discussion surrounding Meta Descriptions of late. What are Meta Descriptions? How do I write Meta Descriptions? Where can I find Meta Descriptions? Should keywords be in my Meta Descriptions? We’re here to help. Meta descriptions are very important in SEO and even in PPC advertising, as they perform multiple actions that can impact the success of your conversions, your SEO and your website.

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