Martina Mercer

A Look Back at eCommerce in 2016

There are a lot of memes with people celebrating the demise of 2016. It was an awful year for the world of the celebrity but for eCommerce in 2016 it was one of the most advanced yet. eCommerce technology reached dizzying heights, while businesses raced to keep up, and we were introduced to many trends that will further develop throughout the next year, 2017.

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Martina Mercer

What Does Google Want to Provide to Its Users?

What does Google want to provide? As a brand or business you constantly consider what your customers want from you. A lot of time is taken to improve the customer journey and to gather feedback in order to provide the perfect experience. Entrepreneurs and business people rarely consider themselves as customers too, however we must assess our power as a user when trying to please Google.

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Thomas Coppen

What You Can Learn From the Competition

What can you learn from the competition? There are two types of business owner. Those that understand the value of keeping an eye on the competition, and those that avoid the competition at all costs. The latter mistakenly believe the competition can’t teach them much. These then continue with business endeavours without ever gaining insights that can be an incredible boost to business.

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