Annabel Parker

Maximising ROI For Social Media

Finding the balance between maximising conversions and limiting cost per conversion is tricky. Limiting your spend will lose conversions and maximising conversions might end up going over budget. To find the balance, look at the areas that need improvement. Usually on Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms, these areas include; undefined goals, limited distribution, incomplete tracking and optimisation. These are small issues that can be rectified easily, making small improvements can increase the likelihood of a successful campaign.

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Thomas Coppen

2018 Highlights – Keel Over Marketing

2018 was without a doubt the best year in Keel Over Marketing’s history we recorded record growth currently sitting at 70.8% against 2017. When viewed against the industry growth rate of 4.8% it’s understandable that we were extremely pleased with these figures. However, it is not just growth we have been recording, we have entered and been nominated for a host of awards!

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