A Look Back at eCommerce in 2016

A Look Back at eCommerce in 2016
17 January 2017 ponderosa-admin
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There are a lot of memes with people celebrating the demise of 2016. It was an awful year for the world of the celebrity but for eCommerce in 2016 it was one of the most advanced yet. eCommerce technology reached dizzying heights, while businesses raced to keep up, and we were introduced to many trends that will further develop throughout the next year, 2017.

Here are just a few of the most notable advances in eCommerce technology and service that we saw over 2016.

Quicker Delivery

Same day delivery was born, while click and collect points became commonplace. Even EBay sellers at home were able to take advantage of the Argos click and collect. Shoppers online wanted everything faster and they didn’t care what it cost, while bigger central London brands experimented with same day delivery and won.

It took just minutes for us to expect Sunday deliveries, with couriers raking it in from sites such as Amazon. Now, we’re not impressed if we can order on a Saturday evening and receive on a Sunday morning, we’re starting to expect this as the norm.

The Spoken Word

Amazon Echo or Alexa, was one of the best selling products in 2016. This, and the rise of Google assistant meant more people were asking questions orally. People were buying direct from Amazon using the spoken word, and this trend is set to continue well into 2017. It seems as though everyone demands a virtual PA of the synthetic kind and Amazon and Google are giving into popular demand.

Multichannel Retailing

It was in 2012 that multichannel retailing became common place. People would begin shopping with the morning mail. They would then proceed to mobile before using a desktop computer at work.  They’d then continue the journey on a mobile on the way home. People embraced click and collect again in this way, as they could reserve using a mobile and pick up the item in their lunch break. In 2016 it became evident that more shoppers than ever preferred their mobile for shopping and the APP world exploded along with mobile responsive sites and mobile advertising.

Quicker Payments

Shoppers lapped up new ways to pay in 2016 with wallet less payments and Apple Pay taking centre stage. People loved being able to checkout with one click, while eCommerce sites and those on the High street enjoyed the speed of the purchases, it gave shoppers less chance to think.

Quicker checkouts will still be revered in 2017, while brands will explore new ways to ensure the customer pays without doing a thing.

Safety and Security

Of course, the quicker options and the storing of data meant that many had trouble reassuring customers of their safety and security. As we speed into 2017, shoppers will become more savvy about who they share their details with and safety and security will play a big part in winning repeat custom.