eCommerce Marketing Predictions for 2017

eCommerce Marketing Predictions for 2017
17 January 2017 ponderosa-admin
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2016 was a great year for eCommerce marketing while 2017 is set to be the best yet. The added functionalities, features and technology meant we explored many new areas and made shopping online quicker and easier than ever before.

This year, some trends introduced in 2016 will start to take shape and may even become commonplace. Here is what I predict for the future of eCommerce marketing over the next 12 months.

Ask and You Will Receive

I believe information will be rewarded by Google. With Amazon Echo and Google Assistant, brands who provide answers to questions will rise to the top of the search engines. People will continue to use mobiles as their favourite way to shop online, but they’ll also make more use of virtual assistants to do the searching to save themselves some time.

A New Way to Shop

Virtual reality headsets were best sellers in 2016 and I believe these will infiltrate into eCommerce this year. Currently, we use virtual reality for exploring space or foreign worlds but I believe at least one big brand will produce a virtual reality shopping experience.

Advertising on the TV

There’s been a lot of debate on the demise of TV advertising over the past couple of years. I actually discussed it in 2014. I believe TV advertising as we know it will continue to fade out, but a new way of TV advertising will be born. A whole new market.

I seriously believe that streaming devices and products such as Netflix or NowTV will incorporate ads allowing users to buy products instantly through their TV. Just as YouTube allows a shopper to click on an ad to buy there and then, I believe this functionality will become a main part of Smart TVs. I could be wrong.

Enhanced Browsing Opportunities

We’re good at embracing new technology as shoppers as we love the convenience but we’re not so good at letting go of the past. We want everything faster, easier and simpler but we don’t really want to wave goodbye to the true shopping experience, in other words, the browse.

We still want to be greeted with a smile, which is why brands that connect with customers over social media enjoy great consumer loyalty, but on top of this, we want to be presented with options. We want suggestions, we want to see other products, we don’t simply want to buy one thing at a time. Amazon realised this long ago with their suggested lists and options, while recommending related products. You can do this too and don’t forget, the more information the better, we need to answer those questions!