Expanded Text Ads for AdWords Campaigns

Expanded Text Ads for AdWords Campaigns
17 June 2016 ponderosa-admin

Why have Google introduced Expanded Text Ads?

Google regularly shakes things up in an effort to improve the user experience – algorithms shift, priorities adjust, new tools are developed and old features retired. The major change for 2016 is big news for AdWords campaign managers  – the introduction of expanded text ads.

This innovation is being rolled out as part of an ongoing move toward mobile-optimised browsing, following hot on the heels of desktop ad layout changes and ensuring that text automatically wraps to the size of any given screen.

What does this mean for your AdWords campaign?

Successful AdWords management ultimately depends on understanding how these updates can benefit you and your customers. At a combined 140 characters, expanded text ads virtually double your potential word power, offering two 30-character headlines, an 80-character description, and a streamlining of the displayed URL.

For AdWords marketers, this means the ability to make Google ads more readable – no more strained, clipped, artificial non-sentences that cram in facts and keywords at the expense of actually making sense.

The results? Google has reported that AdWords campaign managers involved in beta testing have witnessed up to 20% improvements in click-through rates. As such, PPC marketers the world over have been eagerly anticipating the launch, excited at the prospect of generating healthy returns as more words naturally increases the opportunity for more clicks.


How can you get the most out of expanded text ads?

Any PPC manager worth their salt will be well aware that effective AdWords management demands well-executed copywriting, and the extra space presents an excellent opportunity to wow the world with your wares. However, great care will have to be taken to ensure that high Quality Scores are maintained.

You can build your Quality Score by providing genuine value to readers, which means no cheating – no duplicate text or URLs just to fill space. Every sentence must be directed toward your customers’ needs, highlighting the finer points of your product or service and offering a true reflection of what people can expect when they’re taken to your landing page.

Make sure that your in-house copywriter or AdWords agency can say something useful in 30, 80 and 140 characters. 30 characters isn’t a lot; 80 characters gives you enough room to develop your point a little; 140 characters is ample to explain, support or even demonstrate what you’re saying, which is exactly what we’ve done with this sentence.

At the end of the day, expanded text ads require users to refine the techniques with which they should already be familiar. Following best practice in AdWords campaign management will serve you well.

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