What Do The New Google Algorithms Mean For Your Business?

What Do The New Google Algorithms Mean For Your Business?
5 December 2016 ponderosa-admin
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Even if you have a hands off approach to your website’s SEO and PPC you will have heard of the new Google algorithms, more specifically Penguin 4.0. You will have seen the flustered SEO companies frantically deleting spam links and making changes before this black and white bird crawled their client’s site.

Should you worry? No.

Google makes changes to its algorithms regularly and these updates are rolled out with one end goal in mind.

To provide the highest quality, most relevant content to those searching for it.

Google Rankings Page by Page

One of the most interesting advancements, that will benefit companies, is that Google are now assessing a website page by page, rather than assessing the website as a whole. This may see some changes in how your customers land on your website, you may find they come via the blog, or FAQs rather than your landing or services pages. This is because Google loves information, information that doesn’t sell a product or service and so these pages will naturally rank higher as they want to promote them on the search engines.

Content is Still King

Although video and images are incredible ways to engage a customer and provide some SEO benefits, your content is still the most valuable asset of your website and it needs to be spot on.

Don’t Try to Beat the Master

Many low quality SEO companies will continue to try and beat Google at their game. They believe they’re better equipped than one of the most prolific businesses in the history of the world. This is a mistake. It’s always best to work with Google and to provide those penguins with what they need.

If your website is genuine and you provide high quality, informative, engaging content to your visitors you really have nothing to worry about. Your website will always triumph over those who try to buck the system.

Where Does PPC Stand?

Your PPC Agency understand all of the changes and if any affect AdWords Campaigns you can be reassured that a good PPC Agency will already be training to incorporate these shifts in your advertising. As a general rule, paid advertising on Google is rarely affected by algorithm updates as these are rolled out to ensure the organic content is as relevant as it can be to those who are searching.

In short, if you’re with us, it’s back to business as there’s nothing to worry about at all.