Why You Should Be Using a Google Premier Partner Agency

Why You Should Be Using a Google Premier Partner Agency
24 June 2018 ponderosa-admin
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When choosing an agency to work with, it is important to feel comfortable with their level of expertise and know that you are in safe hands. Google Premier Partner Agencies are agencies that Google deems to have the highest quality of work. Their work will be reviewed and analysed by Google in great detail in order to gain the Google Premier Partner status. Many Google Ads accredited companies and online marketing professionals will have Google Partner status, however only a handful of agencies will be awarded this higher status, leaving your account in professional and experienced hands.


What are the requirements?

At least two fully certified Google Ads professionals.

Google Premier Partner agencies must employ a bare minimum of two fully accredited Google Ads professionals. This is to ensure that the quality of the work the agency is doing for your business remains at the highest standard and gains you the most profitable results possible. This is one of many steps agencies have to take in order to gain the Premier Partner accreditation, and only 3% of Partner agencies have Premier Partner status.

Ensure you have a healthy amount of account activity through a higher spend.

Keel Over Marketing was awarded Google Premier Partner status in 2016. Through continuously growing our client base, gaining a steady growth in revenue for our clients and aiding businesses in increasing their advertising budget, we have succeeding in both meeting and surpassing Google Premier Partner requirements.

Show a growth in customer base and deliver a solid overall ad revenue

As a PPC agency working at this higher level, Keel Over aim to meet your advertising requirements, keeping on top of the latest marketing trends and educating ourselves on the most up to date marketing techniques. Working closely with a specialised team at Google, our accounts are analysed meticulously and to the highest standard so we can bring you the most profitable results possible for your budget and circumstances.

Excellent customer service also aids in maintaining the high level of service for our clients and enable us to continue working at the Premier Partner level. Our account managers check in with their clients on a regular basis to ensure we are working in the best way for you. Our customer service has meant our retention levels have remained at an exceptionally high level through the duration of the company’s lifespan, which Google has rewarded us greatly for with the Premier Partner badge.



What are the perks of a Premier Partner Agency?

Being a Google Premier Partner has given us the opportunity to both alpha and beta test many of Google’s latest products over the years, from the current expanded text ads which we had access to three months before the launch to the general public, to the new Google Ads interface which will be fully rolled out by the end of 2018. Seeing new Google products in their early stages has only further prepared us to strategize for our clients and provide the highest quality service possible.

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