How to Fix Common Checkout Mistakes Today

How to Fix Common Checkout Mistakes Today
13 January 2017 ponderosa-admin
Mobile phone checkout

The checkout on site is the place where many sales are lost. Some of these abandoned sales are out of your control, such as outside distractions for the shopper. Find out how to fix common checkout mistakes today. Many of them are within your control and can be solved instantly with a little onsite tweaking.

Here are a few ways you can improve your checkout process today.


Reduce the Number of Steps it Takes to Checkout

It can be tempting to use the checkout process as a way to gather information. Many businesses will shower the customer with annoying pop ups or extra steps to get to checkout.

These rarely work. In fact they annoy the customer more and you’re likely to see an increase in basket abandonment if you continue on this quest.


Allow Customers to Check Out as Guests

Allowing the customer to checkout as a guest is a generous act and one that will be rewarded. You can encourage the customer to create a full account once the items have been paid for. They will appreciate the quick checkout. Even if they don’t sign up for the full account, they will be more likely to return as they will have enjoyed the seamless checkout process.


Remove the Newsletter Sign Up

Data is big business. You know the value of collecting a customer’s email address along with their permission to send them regular updates. A newsletter sign up list is a powerful tool in digital marketing but it can impact your conversions if it is forced upon the customer at checkout.

You can still sign up customers to a newsletter without adding an extra checkout step. Simply have a box they need to check or uncheck when entering their information for shipping or billing. Alternatively, you can ask them to sign up after the transaction. You can also gather the information before they start to shop.


Consider the Mobile Shopper

The majority of shoppers now use their mobile phones to shop. This makes the filling out of addresses tiresome and time consuming. Consider a plugin for postcode lookup for this, to make it much simpler for mobile users.

Pop ups can also make checkout difficult for mobile users, as they are rarely easy to close on a smartphone. If you must use pop ups, keep them for the PC version of the site and give the mobile user a break.

A simple, streamlined checkout will enhance your conversions almost instantly while lowering basket abandonment rates. In PPC we understand the value of directing the customer to the right page at the right time, as just one extra click can see our businesses lose out on a sale. Attention to detail is crucial in all forms of digital marketing and advertising which is why you should always choose a PPC Agency in London you can trust.