How to Use Google Shopping

How to Use Google Shopping
13 July 2015 ponderosa-admin

How to use Google Shopping: Google, the centre of  information can target your intended customers in many ways. First, you have your simple text ads. A headline, a short description and a link to further information is readily available to a reader, as has been the case in advertising since the dawn of time. Well… at least since the newspaper was invented. Google then introduced image ads to help users more easily identify the products they wished to buy. Now, entering its second year, Google Shopping merges the two, text and image advertising, to help users swiftly find their desired items right on the main Google search page. In its infancy Google Shopping was a free service for buyers and sellers alike. However, to improve profits, Google have now made advertisers pay to use the Google Shopping platform, by the same Pay-Per-Click system as all other ways of advertising currently on Google. Everything but organic listings requires the dollar dollar. Once again, I hear you ask how to use Google Shopping.

how to use google mshopping

How to use Google Shopping, indeed. I mean, what could possibly be the benefit of using a platform where you as an advertiser have to pay potentially very high costs for potentially undesired customers to waste your budget on erroneous clicks? Or where you as an advertiser have to perhaps hire in additional staff to tackle the technology required for setting up a Google Shopping campaign? The is a very prominent answer; a much higher chance of customer satisfaction and loyalty based on the ability to know exactly what a customer is buying. For the most part, especially when comparing Google Shopping to text ads, erroneous clicks are far lower based on the fact a user knows exactly what the product looks like, what the product is called, how much it costs etc etc. A user can look at the accompanying search results and ads can be tailored to draw the most attention. This can be through the ways in which different products are photographed, how much advertisers will pay per click, choice of headline, choice of good ad copy and even something as simple as colour schemes or dynamic backgrounds. Along with the fact that every time your product appears in a Google search with Google Shopping you will very often appear above text ads, with your product and brand name being seen by countless customers. And that, my friends is how to use Google Shopping.

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