How to Use Your PPC Agency to Increase Conversions

How to Use Your PPC Agency to Increase Conversions
7 September 2016 ponderosa-admin

If you’ve hired a PPC Agency for your Adwords or Google shopping campaign you probably believe that there’s nothing else for you to do in order to see the conversions come flowing in.Of course, a good PPC Agency like Keel-Over, will bring you results regardless of your input but there are a few areas you can optimise to ensure conversions are guaranteed and the checkout process is quick and painless for the customers Keel-Over drive to your site.


Say What You Mean

If you’ve chosen Google shopping as a way to promote and sell your products it’s important that your ads on Google lead directly to that product’s page. You may believe that leading a customer to a selection of products (in the same genre) would increase sales, when in fact, it’s proven that it frustrates the customer instead.When a customer shops through Google, they expect an almost instantaneous purchase, a very fast website and the ability to buy the product in seconds. They really don’t like being led on a merry dance through pages they weren’t expecting, and they will reward this behaviour with a click away, and a purchase from your competition.


Keep It Clean

Basket abandonment is a real problem online, and one that many big brands work tirelessly to combat. You can improve your basket abandonment stats with clear directions to the checkout and an easy checkout process. Try not to fill the checkout pages with pop ups or sign up options. Instead, make it as easy as possible for the customer to complete a sale. You may believe it’s a missed opportunity if a customer is on site and they don’t sign up to your newsletter, but if they enjoy the process, they will be back and loyalty is worth a lot more than a one off frustrated purchase.


Answer All Questions

When a customer clicks on your product page, they have questions they need answering. If they can’t find the answers to these questions on the same page, they will either email you (and look for an alternative product in the meantime) or click away and go elsewhere. All you have to do is make sure your product descriptions include the information they need to make that purchase. Consider what you would ask, depending on your product, and try your best to include these details in the description, or in a separate tab (if it’s boring information such as the product dimensions).One of the most frequent questions customers look for answers to is, “How soon will I receive my item?” Followed by, “How much is the delivery cost?” Some retailers like to hide the delivery cost until checkout but this rarely works as a customer never appreciates the deception and it leaves a bad taste in the mouth. If you’re offering free delivery, let your customer know, and reassure them that they will receive the item as soon as possible after ordering. These are all little things you can do to ensure that when a Google Shopping customer lands on site, they enjoy a great user experience and are encouraged to checkout. With just a few tweaks you could see your bounce rates decrease and your conversions rise dramatically.