New Lead Form Extensions in Google Ads

New Lead Form Extensions in Google Ads
24 August 2020 ponderosa-admin
Google on a desktop

Google Ads looks to be testing a new way for organisations to capture customer information with lead form extensions enabling them to compete with social advertising’s Lead Generation campaigns.

We first heard about this last year through our Google Premier Partner representatives and now it seems that they are finally rolling this out for advertisers to use.

When creating a lead form extension you will be able to add a ‘Call to Action’ and ‘Headline’ to appear alongside the text ad.

The form can show a headline, business name, description and even a custom image that can relate to the offer or business you are trying to promote. Advertisers can indicate which pieces of information they want to ask customers for, including;

  • Customer name
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Postcode

Once the user submits their information they will be shown a fully customisable message from the advertiser with a Call to Action below. The Call to Action can include ‘Visit Website’ or ‘Download’. Alternatively, the user can click to return to their Google search.

Google support suggests that these extensions can be integrated to an advertisers CRM, so that all leads can be processed instantly. However, we expect that many CRM’s will require a 3rd party API or leads will have to be downloaded manually within the Google Ads interface, similarly to how Facebook currently manage their Lead Generation data.

From what we can see, lead form extensions in search ads are currently a beta feature that only some businesses are eligible for. Google says some sensitive verticals and sub-verticals are not eligible for these lead form extensions. If you would like to see if you are eligible and begin testing this new product, then please email or phone us to find out more.


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