Our Top 10 Highlights From Google Marketing Live 2019

Our Top 10 Highlights From Google Marketing Live 2019
24 May 2019 ponderosa-admin
Google logo on building

Last week Google announced new Google Ads features at the Google Marketing Live event. In case you missed any of the coverage from the event, we have added our main highlights:  

New bidding controls New automated bidding controls offer more customisation for more precise bids. So what has been added?

  • Campaign Level Conversion Settings: Advertisers will be able to set conversion goals at the campaign level enabling each campaign to focus on specific objectives.
  • Seasonality Adjustments: Seasonality adjustments could be used to schedule an adjustment for periods of time when conversion rates are expected to spike, for example when a promotion is set to run.
  • Maximise Conversion Value: A new bidding strategy that allows advertisers to optimize for the most conversion value within a specified budget.


Updates to Shopping Ads Google will soon allow retailers to optimise Smart Shopping Campaigns for store visits and display their local inventory information. Smart Shopping campaigns were introduced last year as a new advertising product that uses machine learning to optimise for performance as well as ad placement. These campaigns let retailers specify where their shopping ads are shown, whether it be on Google.com, Image Search, YouTube, and millions of sites and apps across the web (The Google Display Network). Today, Smart Shopping campaigns let retailers optimise for online conversions. Soon, they will also help retailers drive store visits.  

New Google Shopping experience Google is expanding its shopping experience, letting users add items to a universal shopping cart from several of its service including Google Search, Images, and YouTube. In addition, users can also shop from a brand new personalized homepage on the Google Shopping tab. Is this Google’s way of competing with Amazon? Perhaps so, but we predict it will at least simplify the user journey and improve conversion rates for ecommerce clients.  

Discovery ads Google has introduced a new ad unit that will be displayed on the search engine’s home page on mobile browsers later this year. In addition to appearing in Google’s ‘Discover’ feed on mobile browsers, Discovery ads will also appear on YouTube’s home feed and in the Gmail promotions tab. Discovery ads are designed to help users discover products they weren’t even looking for.   Gallery ads Interactive ads that sit at the top of the mobile search results, underneath a standard text headline and a display URL. The feature swipeable image carousels, similar to ones you often see on Facebook and Instagram. They are designed to combine the intent of search with the creative of display.  

New features for local campaigns Users can now promote their local business with new inventory in Google Maps. Local inventory ads showcase your products and shop information to nearby users searching with Google. When users click your ad, they arrive on a Google-hosted page for your shop, called the local storefront. They can use the local shop front to view in-store inventory, get opening times, find directions and more. In addition, Local campaigns are now available to small businesses.  

Updated Audience Targeting and Expansion Facebook Ads has been the superior audience based platform and it seems that Google now want to compete with that. Last week Google announced that it is merging custom affinity audiences and custom intent audiences to create, quite simply, custom audiences. Not only are Google matching Facebook’s custom audience it seems they are also launching an ‘Audience Expansion Tool’ to reach consumers who look and behave similarly to the people within that custom audience. Sounds familiar? Presumably so as Facebook have been using a ‘lookalike’ audience for a while now..  

Bumper Machine As you may know Video has taken over the internet over the past few years predominantly across YouTube. Collectively, we watch billions of videos on the platform every single day. What’s you may not know is the value of bumper ads, the six-second ads that play before the video starts. According to global data that Google collected last year, a series of three bumper ads leaves a much more memorable impression on consumers than a single 30-second ad. The issue is that there are few businesses that have the resources to create professional bumper ads. Last week Google announced the introduction of ‘The Bumper Machine’, snugly fit in the Google Ads interface, the bumper machine is a handy new tool that can turn any video shorter than 90 seconds into a collection of YouTube-ready bumper ads. It’s expected to roll out later this year at no additional cost to advertisers and it will be packed full of basic editing tools that give you total control over the final advert.  

Upgrades to the Google Ads mobile app Advertisers will soon be able to create and edit responsive search ads, as well as receive new recommendations and notifications on each account.  

App deep linking Ads can now link users to pages within a business’s app, hopefully leading to higher conversion rates and more relevant content for users.