Should I Use Facebook Advertising for My Business?

Should I Use Facebook Advertising for My Business?
15 September 2016 ponderosa-admin
Facebook advertising

Facebook advertising can still be very profitable if you choose the right Facebook advertising agency to ensure you make the most money from your investment. When Facebook advertising began, it was actually the best way to make a profit through advertising online. Competition was low and businesses were slow to adapt to the new paying model.

That isn’t the case any more.

Facebook ads can now cost a lot of money. Many small businesses have come unstuck, as they’ve boosted posts and created ads that have simply brought no sales or conversions. Companies have watched their money pour down the drain without receiving a return on their investment.

Who Sees Your Posts without a Money Injection?

You would think that every person who follows your page automatically sees your posts. Unfortunately this is no longer the case. The only people to see your post will be those who have been led directly to your FB page (through your website or other means) and your mum. It’s not fair, as you’ve built those Facebook likes and they’ve chosen to see your posts, but it’s how it works for now.

There’s talk that Facebook will realise the madness in this and pull it back. They may give some more power to the businesses, but until that happens, a page really does need a cash injection.

When Doesn’t a Page Need Money Spending on It?

If your budget is low and you’ve spent enough on other means of advertising, there are ways you can give your page a promotion without spending a penny. You can tap into your friend’s goodwill. Personal profiles are the best for sharing adverts and posts, followers see all their friends’ updates. There are no exclusions, unlike with pages. This does, of course, mean giving your brand a personality and revealing the person behind the business. You will also need a personal account, and will probably need to show yourself to your customers. It’s a long way round, but it can work. It just takes time and effort.

Here’s how it works at the moment.

Impressions vs Likes vs Sales

A boosted post will ensure your post is seen by people who follow your page and their friends (if this is the audience you’ve chosen). It still doesn’t ensure it’s seen by every one of your followers. Impressions are nice but they don’t bring in the cash, which is why you really need to learn a little about Facebook Pixels.

What Are Facebook Pixels and Why Do I Need Them?

Facebook pixels are pieces of code you put on your pages of your website. With these, you can choose to pay for likes, clicks or even conversions. They give great analytics that a good PPC agency can use to lower your costs. You don’t have to do anything, we can do it all for you.

We believe that Facebook will adapt and change as time progresses to become friendlier for advertisers. They’re being quite greedy right now. Even though they are difficult to advertise with they’re not impossible and they can still offer a good return on investment.

It is, however, imperative that you choose an experienced Facebook advertising manager to create and manage your social media advertising; otherwise you could find you lose a lot of money for impressions.

If you have any questions, as always, please contact us.