Skills Your Adwords Agency Needs to Perform Correctly

Skills Your Adwords Agency Needs to Perform Correctly
5 December 2016 ponderosa-admin

Being a google partner is just one requisite of a reputable Adwords Agency but there are many other skills a good PPC Agency needs in order to bring you a healthy profit.

Google AdWords is complex by design and so passing the exams and navigating the dashboards takes time. Those who do achieve Google partner status, should be commended, as it’s determination and a commitment to continued learning, plus trust from previous clients that allows companies like our to sport that coveted Google Partners accolade. This shouldn’t be underestimated.

There are, however, other skills, once the partners badge has been obtained, that any great PPC Agency needs in order to succeed at Adwords for you and your company. These skills include:


A good PPC Agency understands consumer psychology and can use this to their advantage when creating ads that capture attention and encourage the most clicks


Although ads are short, so are taglines. Every word counts and a good copywriter is essential for creating ads that receive a high score from Google – thus being placed higher on the page.


Maths skills are essential for any PPC Agency. An ad executive needs to quickly deduce the cost per conversion, the cost to you, and the cost per day. In addition to this, there are many other equations that would give Einstein a run for his money (maybe not but you get the idea!) and so maths is an important skill of an Adwords agency.


Negotiation tactics are needed, not to negotiate with Google but in order to see the risks vs benefits for your company. A good PPC agency knows if the extra spend is worth it and if it’s worthwhile pusuing an ever increasing bid just to beat the competition. Sometimes, it’s more worthwhile, cheaper and more time effective to ignore a certain keyword and to concentrate on another where your company will be guaranteed the majority of clicks.

A Thirst for Learning;

A good PPC Agency knows that once they receive the Google Partners Badge the work has only just begun. Google constantly update their policies and tweak their strategies and so an Adwords agency needs to keep up.

Does your Adwords agency possess all of these skills?