Three Ways to Reduce Your PPC Spend

Three Ways to Reduce Your PPC Spend
28 February 2017 ponderosa-admin

How do you reduce your PPC spend? Without a good PPC Agency, PPC costs can spiral out of control. There are a lot of PPC agencies who tend to play with a client’s cash flow, using trial and error as a way to determine the best approach.

Many new businesses fear using AdWords or Pay Per Click as they’ve heard the horror stories of thousands of pounds being wasted. However, with a good PPC Agency you can enjoy a profit and ensure that the advertising pays for itself.

If you employ a good PPC Agency, you should already be aware of the advice below. If you find your PPC costs spiralling out of control, you may find these tips useful for reducing your spend.

Before hiring an agency, many business owners will try to run their own campaign. This is fine, but PPC has many nuances that need fine tuning and it can also cost money to adapt to trends.

Your Landing Page

You may believe that directing any click to your homepage is an insightful move. Your clickers will see all you have to offer and may be enticed to increase their average basket value. In reality, this diversion irritates the visitor, as they’re looking for a quick way to buy the product or service they’re looking for. They rarely appreciate the detour. Using anything but the product or service page for your vistor’s destination will result in higher bounce rates. Customers that will avoid your ads in future. Give the visitors exactly what they’re looking for in the fastest time possible and you will find your conversion rates are much higher.

The Ad Text

You’re paying for the clicks so the text doesn’t really matter? Wrong. Your customers still need to be enticed to buy whereas Google still rates your words with a quality score. The higher the quality of your ad, the more likely it is to be shown at the top, thus lowering your cost per click as a result.

The Checkout

You may see the visit to your website as an opportunity to sign the visitor up to a newsletter, or to collect data you can use in marketing endeavours. In reality, the quicker the checkout, the more likely you are to enjoy a conversion, and the less you’ll endure basket abandonment.

In summary, be honest, have integrity, and deliver exactly what the customer is looking for. Even though you’re paying for the clicks, you still need to provide a great service that’s hassle free and quick!


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