What is Evergreen Content and How Do You Create It?

What is Evergreen Content and How Do You Create It?
12 March 2017 ponderosa-admin

Evergreen content is gold to SEO experts like us, as it ensures you have valuable content, all year round, to share with your readers. Evergreen content can be refreshed and republished at a later date too, to bring new visitors to your website and to please Google.

The term evergreen content basically means content that isn’t dependent on a date or event. Content that doesn’t fit into a season or a time specific date.

For example, the following posts would not be evergreen:

    • Winter recipes to try today
    • Tips for a Presidential Inauguration Party
    • How to Make the Most of the Summer Solstice
    • 2016 SEO Trends

Seasonal posts can actually be rolled out again year after year but evergreen content is always present and always relevant. This ensures it’s always seen by Google and presented as useful information to any searcher or your products or services.Evergreen content post examples include:

  • Perfect Party Hair Tips (as opposed to perfect hair tips for the party season which would limit the post to Christmas)
  • Great Family Recipes for Colder Days (as opposed to winter recipes for the family, as the former can be used on the colder days in summer too.)
  • How to Write Good Content for Your Website (as opposed to How to Use the Latest SEO trends for your content)

There is an exception to this rule. If you would like to be featured in the Google News section of the Google search you will need to post regular, up to date posts that are connected to everyday news. You’ll need to report on weekly events. Evergreen content doesn’t marry well with this.

To create good evergreen content, consider How To articles, What is articles, and articles with good actionable tips your readers can use in order to create evergreen content. For example,

      • If you sell furniture, consider posts about interior design or furniture care
      • If you sell clothes, consider posts about dressing for different figures, rather than seasonal fashion tips (although these do have a place too).
      • If you sell food, consider recipes.

Evergreen content will always be relevant, and creating a dossier of content like this ensures you always have something valuable to share no matter what time of year it is.


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