What Happens When You Hire an Inexperienced PPC Manager?

What Happens When You Hire an Inexperienced PPC Manager?
15 September 2016 ponderosa-admin
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For a new business, finding a PPC Manager or Adwords agency seems easy. There are so many offering services that it appears as though we’re spoilt for choice. Prices, too, can vary, from very little to seemingly expensive and it’s only until you’ve spent a month with the company that you can assess if you made the right decision when hiring.

In other words, hiring a PPC Agency is a risk for new businesses. AT Keel-Over Marketing we eliminate this risk by being completely transparent. We welcome questions and are quick to share our history and the results we’ve achieved for clients. We’ve ensured we’ve met all the criteria to become a Google Partner and we’ve passed all the exams that demonstrate our expertise in the world of AdWords and PPC.

We do understand though, how tempting it can be to choose the first PPC Agency that gets in touch, especially if they make grand promises for a small budget!

That’s why it’s important to understand just how an inexperienced PPC Agency will use your money, the money you hope will be spent on bringing your business a profit.

It’s Their Learning Curve with Your Cash

PPC is complicated, and shouldn’t be attempted by anyone without the relevant Google training. Even new Google Partner graduates will test their skills on their own AdWords campaigns before risking a client’s money. This is because PPC involves a lot of nuances and delicate operations. A change, such as a landing page URL can have dire consequences for a business’s conversions.

An inexperienced PPC Agency will still be learning about what works and what doesn’t. Of course, there is a little learning with a new client, as we assess which ads have the best impact for the target audience, but these analutics can be learned WHILE bringing the client a tidy profit.

They Will Spend More to Counteract a Low Quality Score

A PPC budget obviously goes towards bids for keywords, and, obviously, you pay per click. Few clients know that costs can be reduced by ensuring the ad itself is of the highest quality. Inexperienced PPC managers will ignore the ad quality and will spend more of the client’s money to counteract this deficit. It’s ruthless, but it’s true. A good PPC agency will ensure the quality score is spot on in order to bring you the best bang for your buck!

Who Needs Repeat Custom Anyway?

Repeat custom or customer loyalty is the backbone of any business. It’s a well known fact that it costs less to sell to a current customer than it does to obtain a new one. An inexperienced PPC manager will not care about the repeat custom, they will only focus on the clicks, paying no attention to the emotions of the consumer, as long as they receive those statistics.

A good PPC manager will ensure every person that clicks wants to return at some point. They’ll make sure they land on the page they expected in order to leave the customer satisfied. They won’t bait and hook, they’ll deliver what they (or you as a business) promise, leaving the customer with happy emotions that makes them want to return in future.


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