What is ROAS Marketing?

What is ROAS Marketing?
19 May 2016 ponderosa-admin

If you’re advertising on AdWords, you probably want to increase your marketing ROI. It’s a great place to do it, but sometimes you just don’t know if it’s all worth it for you. You might be looking at increasing your conversion numbers and lowering your cost per conversion, but wouldn’t you rather know if your overall revenue is increasing? That’s where Keel Over Marketing can help. We offer a unique ROAS marketing service, which stands for Return On Ad Spend, which can put you in a great position to grow the overall revenue that you are generating from your campaigns. It’s perfect for any eCommerce shops, but it can have great results for B2B services as well.


What is ROAS marketing?

Let’s first have a look at some results. Here we have a campaign that seems to be performing very well, with a very good click through rate, a good amount of conversions and a good cost per conversions.

But how do we know how much money this campaign has made? Did the 11 conversions make £10 each, or did one make £2, another £8, another £25 and so on. This is often what makes AdWords users a bit wary, because without knowing the revenue that your ads have made, how do you know if it’s all worth it?

This is where our ROAS marketing model can help. Through our tools and expertise at Keel Over, we offer a unique service that enables us to adjust your keyword bids based on the revenue that they generate. Did one keyword spend £10 but only generate £2? We can stop that. Did another spend £20 and make £500? We can focus on that and make sure that these returns continue.

Why spend £5 on one keyword that converted 5 times, making you a total of £15, when you could spend £5 on another keyword that converted once and made you £100? The ROAS marketing model is perfect for eCommerce sites, especially those that are already utilising Google Shopping.


What do you need to do?

If you want to make the most of this opportunity to use our unique ROAS marketing model and maximise your revenue, we offer it as standard within our monthly service packages. All you need to do is make sure that you have eCommerce tracking set up on your site. This is essential to make sure we know the value of orders that users are making.

Other than that, just leave it to us. Each month, we will report the data of how much revenue your ads are generating, putting you in a perfect position to determine whether your campaigns are profitable, and if you should invest more in your PPC marketing strategy.


Can B2B services use ROAS marketing?

If you are able to assign a contract value to your leads and sales, then we can plug this in to our system and give you this valuable data for your company. In AdWords, we have access to the date and date of your conversions, and if you are able to give us the contract value that you have generated from your leads, we can match it up to the cost of the keywords, giving us great insights into whether your AdWords campaigns are profitable.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch now and let us start maximising the revenue you generate from your PPC campaigns.