Where to Place Questions and Answers for Good SEO Visibility

Where to Place Questions and Answers for Good SEO Visibility
12 March 2017 ponderosa-admin
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As we’ve discussed previously, search is changing. People are using more words to search while many are conducting searches orally. Potential customers are using Siri, Google Assistant and Alexa (from Amazon) to ask questions, while a written search query has expanded to six words from the usual three.

This means that search results are now showing questions and answers before any other content. You may have noticed a dip in your search visibility and this could be a reason why. Try it yourself. Put a search term in Google and see what question and answer is presented first above all the results. You’ll see it has it’s own box for display. Triumph at SEO organically you need to be in that!

We’ve discussed how to expand your FAQ section to display good organic content for search. This obviously increases your visibility online but it may not help with conversions onsite. That’s why it’s important to answer questions with your usual content too.

Here are other pages you can include questions and answers on to ensure you improve your organic SEO and bring the visitors to the right pages of your website.

Questions and Answers in Product Descriptions

Product descriptions can be tagged to include good information for the visitor. For instance, on a cosmetic product you can include tips such as How to choose the best foundation, or answer questions such as, How much foundation is the right amount to apply? For sales, it also makes sense to ask and answer questions such as “What is the best foundation for my skin type” and so on. Of course, these don’t have to be in question and answer format, Google is sophisticated, and as such will recognise your tips, or answers as good information to present to a searcher on their engine.

Answer Questions in Your Blog

Your blog is the best place to answer questions. You can give valuable tips that visitors may also want to share. Do a little research to find out what your customers are asking the search engines and make sure you cover the answers in your regular blogs.

Ask Questions in Your Quizzes

Online quizzes began as a way to collect data about customers. Those experimenting found that they needed little or no promotion, as people love finding out more about themselves through a quiz online. You can ask a lot of questions in a quiz and give multiple-choice answers. You can also collect the information for your own records, improving your own brand as a result.

The answers to many questions can be weaved into almost every page of your website. For example, for someone searching for the closest estate agency to a specific area you can weave in, “we are the closest estate agent to X’. Then when the question is asked in Google, Google will present your site as the answer. It really is that simple.


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