Travel and Tourism PPC Services

Keel Over Marketing have specialised expertise in delivering high impact, high return PPC campaigns in the travel and tourism sectors. From working with international hotel chains to tour operators we have a proven track record at increasing sales within the highly competitive tourism sector.

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Types of Travel and Tourism PPC Campaigns

At Keel Over we provide multi-platform campaigns in order to reach the correct audiences in the correct place, build your brand engagement and ultimately increase your bottom line.

Google Ads

From brand awareness campaigns to individual holiday sales our Google Ads campaigns are designed to deliver cost effective, highly targeted traffic to your sales pages. Our fully certified Google specialists work tirelessly to increase click through rates and conversions for your ads to increase ROI incrementally each month.

 Bing Ads

Though a smaller market than Google, Bing Ads should not be overlooked in the travel sector. Bing has a higher percentage of users aged 40+ which makes it ideal for targeted campaigns for travel agencies, luxury travel, cruises and many other tourism sectors. Our Bing campaign managers are fully certified and use their expert knowledge to target and refine your campaigns.

Social Media Ads

Social media ads are one of the best ways to showcase your holidays with promoted posts and direct advertising being the best way to show the wow factor of holiday destinations. Our tourism and travel social media campaigns help promote your services to the broadest audience and can be targeted to specific demographics to increase conversions.

Working with Keel Over Marketing

At Keel Over Marketing we always strive to help you meet all your business goals, whether you are looking at driving direct leads, building brand awareness or running awareness campaigns for your services.  From initial strategy planning to campaign management our teams work closely with you to implement best practices and ensure campaign success.

Campaign Set Up

From an initial consultation our team will develop a campaign brief, goals and objectives. We will then determine the best platforms to meet these objectives and work closely with you to develop campaign and ad copy. We will then create a bidding and cost strategy that allocates the budget effectively.

Campaign Monitoring

Each campaign is closely monitored to track spend and ROI. Your campaign manager makes adjustments to each campaign based on cost per lead, click through rates and other campaign specific metrics. This allows us to continually increase and improve the campaign return for you. We will work with you to scale campaigns and create new campaigns as and when required.


We provide fully transparent reporting on work completed, budget spend and when appropriate return on investment. This clear reporting allows you to easily analyse the effectiveness of the campaigns and for us to make adjustments. As part of your reporting your account manager will discuss major changes with you to determine the appropriate measures to be implemented.

To discuss your travel and tourism digital advertising campaigns why not get in touch with our team today. You can contact us here.


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"We have been using Keel Over Marketing to help us with our advertising for a number of months now. We have found them to be very professional and good at communicating. Most importantly of all they have helped focus our marketing efforts which has lead to an increase in sales. We would happily recommend their services to anyone looking to grow their business."

Melvyn and Alastair (Renton James Limited, Directors)

“Keel Over have been amazing at managing our Google Ads account, increasing conversions and helping take control of our budget. They are very responsive when we want to make changes and help to guide us against our sometimes questionable judgement. The monthly reporting is also a very valuable insight into what is, and isn't working so well and how to improve the next month"

James Taylor (Director - Make my Blinds)

“Keel Over Marketing have dramatically increased conversion numbers and considerably lowered our cost per lead. We are now expanding our marketing budget accordingly.”

William Tse (Genie Lending, Director)