How to Make a Viral Facebook Post

How to Make a Viral Facebook Post
11 October 2016 ponderosa-admin
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All brands want a viral Facebook post, they want their news to hit every national newspaper and they want their posts on Facebook or Twitter to be shared or retweeted by millions. It’s the golden ticket. A viral post can catapult a business to superstar status but how do you tell what is a great post and what’s a damp squib?

Posts rarely go viral without any help. They are usually boost through Facebook advertising or they’re sent to popular news sites such as Huffington Post or Buzzfeed (who then promote the posts if needed), however, you can save time, and money, by determining which posts are likely to gain the most traction in the least amount of time.


Engagement is the measure of any successful social media post while clicks, views and shares are the currency. Consider Shares as the £50 notes, Comments as the £20 notes, Clicks and Likes as the £10 notes and Views as the £1 coins.

The key to a great post is the engagement. How many people are commenting, liking, and sharing your post? How can you tempt them to like and share your posts?

Research Your Own History

If you’ve been on social media a while, you will have a history. You’ll be able to see, through a Facebook advertising account, or through your page’s settings, which posts have been the most popular. Ignore the views, look at the clicks, the comments. Is there a way you could have kept the comments rolling? Could that post have been better with a little more investment? What was it about that post that made it more popular than the rest? Was it a text, an image or a video?

Boost a Few Posts

If you don’t have a history you can look at a close competitor to see which of their posts perform the best. Of course you won’t have access to their financials so you won’t be able to tell if a more popular post was simply that because more money was spent.

You can also boost a few of your own posts, to obtain the answers you need. This doesn’t have to be an expensive process as once you have the engagement you can easily scale it.

Don’t Stop the Momentum

A good Facebook post can be great if you keep the conversation flowing. Talk to the people who comment on it, ask them questions, keep them talking. Every time they comment, their friends see your post in their newsfeed. This is why engagement is so valuable.

Sometimes, not often, a post will go viral without anyone knowing why. Usually there’s a good marketing team or PPC agency behind a viral post. It’s easier for a post to gain popularity if it isn’t selling a product or service, but this is the job of your social media manager, to be inventive.