What Does Google Want to Provide to Its Users?

What Does Google Want to Provide to Its Users?
13 January 2017 ponderosa-admin
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What does Google want to provide? As a brand or business you constantly consider what your customers want from you. A lot of time is taken to improve the customer journey and to gather feedback in order to provide the perfect experience. Entrepreneurs and business people rarely consider themselves as customers too, however we must assess our power as a user when trying to please Google.

Google have rolled out numerous updates and each one sees another dubious SEO company bite the dust. Understanding how Google wants to please its customers is the first step to providing the content Google loves.

A good PPC Agency will always follow the updates from Google and will write PPC advertisements that satisfy a number of criteria, such as encouraging conversions and receiving a respectable score to push you higher up the page. When you hand over your Adwords accounts to a reputable agency, you can relax knowing your content is in the safest of hands.

If you’d like to improve your organic ranking you need to consider the average Google customer. This person is the driving force behind the updates that Google rolls out.

This is what the average Google user wants:

The average Google user wants entertaining, informative and engaging content in the quickest time possible.

Google wants to provide excellent customer service. They want to leave the user happy that they’ve used Google. They want to solve a problem and they want repeat custom. Just like you.

If a customer isn’t looking to buy, Google doesn’t want to present the user with a long list of sales pages or squeeze pages. Google wants to provide the information the customer seeks instantly. This is why you should always separate your PPC and organic SEO. Your organic SEO efforts will only be rewarded if you provide information, in the form of a blog or info on site. PPC makes sure you rank for sales, and shows the landing pages to the right customer at the right time.

Google doesn’t want to promote your sales pages organically. This is what PPC and Google shopping is for. It can also annoy a customer if they’re searching for information and don’t want to be sold to.

You still need to sell though. How do you command a good internet, search presence while still selling through organic methods?

Information is the key to success. Make sure your product descriptions not only convert but answer questions. Provide good tips and advice in your blogs. Remember, the Google assistant is growing in popularity and so any content that answers questions will be rewarded. In short, make sure you choose the right digital marketing expert who understands all of this and can take you to the top.